Christmas is nearly upon us, and in the spirit of giving, I've curated a comprehensive list of the most cherished and effective equipment and apparel beloved by locators in their day-to-day work. This list is the result of talking to people in the industry who test their apparel everyday in the field.


Irish Setter boasts an extensive collection of robust, top-tier boots renowned for their durability and quality craftsmanship. Within our feedback group, the standout favorite emerged as the Red Wings' creation under the Irish Setter brand. It's worth noting that Red Wings, the parent company of Irish Setter, crafts comparable boots of nearly identical quality.

Ariat, another notable brand in this realm, offers its own line of exceptional boots, garnering attention for their reliability and comfort.

However, among these well-known names, the sleeper hit that caught our attention was Brunt. Despite being the underdog, Brunt surprised us with its remarkable performance, showcasing its potential to rival even the most established brands in the market.


Irish Setter Wingshooter Boots

Ariat Rebar Boots

Brunt Perkins Boots


Wool socks are a game-changer! Carhartt's offerings are fantastic, but nvesting in any high-quality wool socks is truly worth it. My research found Duluth Trading socks to be another favorite; they offer both comfort and durability that's hard to beat. And speaking of warmth, their Fleece lined firehose pants are unparalleled in keeping you cozy during those chilly days – trust me, they're like wearing a heated blanket!

Now, when it comes to reliability, Darn Tough socks live up to their name. They're sturdy, comfortable, and built to endure the toughest conditions. And for those who seek an extra touch of warmth, the Ororo heated socks are a lifesaver during the coldest months, ensuring your feet stay toasty wherever you go but beware they're super expensive!


Carhartt 4 Pack Wool Socks

Duluth 7 year Wool Socks

Darn Tough Work Socks

Ororo Heated Socks


5.11 pants are a dream for those needing pockets and durability; you can practically brush against sharp objects all day without a scratch. Rothco's ripstop BDU cargo pants, or any military-style BDU, offer the long lasting resilience, and it's no surprise the military relies on these manufacturers for their clothing needs. One top tip I heard repeatedly was that blousing your pant cuffs in the field serves a dual purpose, keeping out insects, rodents, and snakes while offering a touch of extra warmth in winter.

For a workwear staple, the Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Technician Pant is a popular go-to, they're breathable and have a handy side pocket perfect for a paint can. If you're looking for budget-friendly ripstop pants, LA Police Gear used to offer a steal at $15, though prices have risen lately.

As for women's work pants, Carhartt delivers on both functionality and durability, making them a solid choice for any job.


5.11 Defender Flex Pants

Wrangler Work Pants

Rothco BDU Pants

LA Police Gear

Carhartt Ladies Work Pants


The Ororo heated jacket is a fantastic option, but for those seeking alternatives, consider the Tingley Bomber Jacket or explore offerings from Duluth Trading Post and Carhartt. Carhartt's Artic Wear Jackets excel in extreme cold, albeit with a touch of bulkiness, while Duluth's flannel shirts, pants, and jackets offer impressive warmth and comfort. When temperatures plummet, it's my trusty Carhartt Artic coat that truly delivers.

There was a myriad of gloves mentioned, but it seems many settle on fleece-lined jersey gloves for their exceptional blend of dexterity, value, warmth, and durability. Buying them in a 12-pack and occasionally tossing them in the wash ensures longevity. In addition you can augment them with pockets stuffed with hand warmers for unbeatable comfort.


Ororo Heated Jacket

Tingley Bomber Jacket

Duluth Reinforced Jacket

Carhartt Arctic Wear Jacket


When it comes to headwear, there's quite a variety based on the need and season. The Cooling Ranger Hat offers a refreshing option for warmer days, keeping you cool and protected from the sun. On the job site, hardhats are essential for safety, while many opt for company-provided baseball caps for their everyday workwear, providing a balance of branding and functionality. When winter arrives, warm winter hats become a staple, ensuring comfort and warmth in harsh weather conditions.


Cooling Ranger Hat

Hard Hat


The Hart tool bag, available at Walmart in a 16-inch size, is a great choice for carrying your transmitter with a bit of extra room to spare. Its interior pockets make it convenient for organizing hand tools alongside the transmitter.

Additionally, the Rothco Molle II 3 Day Assault bag is a reliable option for everyday use. It accommodates your receiver, transmitter, two cans of paint, four bundles of flags, your tool bag, and even your paint stick. Its durability and ample space make it an ideal choice for carrying all your essential equipment comfortably.

Radiodetection offers a specialized bag tailored for locators, providing a convenient and efficient way to carry equipment. Their dedicated design ensures that tools and devices essential for locating tasks are organized and easily accessible.

Moreover, the Under Armour bag has garnered positive feedback from several users for its functionality and reliability. Its versatility and durability make it a popular choice among professionals, offering ample space and sturdy construction to carry and protect your gear.


Hart 16 inch Tool Bag

Rothco 3 Day Assault Bag

Radiodetection Bag

Under Armor Utility Bag

If it’s not too late slip this handy guide to a loved one or wait until those sales and snap up a bargain! Wishing all our incredible readers and subscribers a Merry Christmas filled with warmth, joy, and cherished moments with your loved ones. As we step into the New Year, may it be brimming with endless opportunities, success, and moments that bring you happiness and I hope you get some of the stuff on your list. Thank you for being part of Utility Scoop, and here's to a fantastic 2024 !

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