In this detailed video, viewers are guided through the meticulous process of using a vacuum excavation and pressure washing to expose a buried water line and fiber duct. The host starts by introducing the project and explaining the need for this technique due to an upcoming break. Despite the interruptions, the video thoroughly covers the steps taken so far, including the initial excavation, creating a hole large enough to work in, and carefully uncovering the utilities.

The process begins with cutting away a square section of the ground to expose the buried lines. The vacuum system efficiently removes debris, ensuring a clear and safe working area. By using the pressure washer, the team can precisely wash away the soil without damaging the utilities underneath.

Throughout the video, the host shares insights into the challenges and solutions encountered, such as handling different pipe sizes and coupling them together. The careful planning and execution are evident as they window the 4-inch pipe and safely extract the smaller ducts, including a fiber duct and a water line, ensuring they remain intact.

The video concludes with a look at the final excavation, perfectly shaped to fit the vault that will be installed. This demonstration is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning efficient and precise excavation techniques for utility installation and maintenance. The host’s clear explanations and practical tips make this video a valuable guide for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.