Lots of exciting stories this week - Exodigo's adoption by the DOE might be the biggest one in terms of impact though! Exiciting to see mapping and AI get a push at the federal level.


  1. Here's why undergrounding all utilities in San Francisco is nearly impossible READ 🔗
  2. DOE's Grid Overhaul Prioritizes Safety Using AI Maps of Underground Power Lines READ 🔗
  3. Newark utility locating firm growing with the help of new county loan program READ 🔗
  4. Making the case for locator certification READ 🔗
  5. Proactive measures in safeguarding utility infrastructure READ 🔗
  6. See where 18 Michigan sites are being prepped for possible development READ 🔗
  7. Ground Penetrating Radar WATCH 🔗
  8. Knowledge for a rookie locator READ 🔗
  9. Geoforensic Evaluation of Suglarland Police Station WATCH 🔗
  10. RCCAO budget recommendations for Ontario focus on critical infrastructure READ 🔗


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