"An incident is just the tip of the iceberg, a sign of a much larger problem below the surface" - Don Brown

Here's this weeks top 10 stories in damage prevention:

  1. The truths and myths of multi array ground penetrating radar for utility detection: READ
  2. The Inside Outside Guys: Infrastructure, and the importance of Miss Dig: READ
  3. GNSS solutions for subsurface asset mapping: READ
  4. Team behind UK digital utility map give insight into the collaborative project: READ
  5. Underground Tangle of German Wires Drags $1 Trillion Green Push: READ
  6. ‘Geotechnical sector can lead the frontier of functional recovery: READ
  7. BlackRock Now Owns 16.50% of Dycom Industries (DY):READ
  8. How a contractors remarks left me in disbelief: WATCH
  9. ESA: What Are the Top Issues Affecting the Utility Locating Industry and How Do We Resolve Them? WATCH
  10. How do Locating Companies make their money?: READ

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