Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 and Independence Day 🇺🇸 to all our readers in Canada and the US! We've once again scoured the net and found 10 relevant industry stories for the 4th issue of #UtilityAlert

  1. New utility crew info from Seattle - link
  2. Fatal trench collapse in Cleves, OH - link
  3. Siemens invests in EV Charger network, Electrify America - link
  4. Watch: How to use the VM-810 Utility Locator
  5. What should you know about jobs in Underground Utility Location Services - link
  6. What is half space? - link
  7. Watch: Pile driving a fencepost into a gas main... what could go wrong?
  8. Biden to pause solar tariffs for 2 years due to supply chain issues - link
  9. Watch: Finding pipelines with the Railroad Commission of Texas
  10. Shake your paint faster - link

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