We're finally back! Hope your new year is off to a great start... here's the top stories from the last few days from the damage prevention world

  1. Using satellites to track groundwater depletion in California link
  2. UtilityScoop New Years Resolutions Playlist link
  3. Underground hydrogen stores offer ‘goldilocks’ solution to UK’s future fuel needs link
  4. Set underground lines safely link
  5. Duke Energy is burying miles of power lines around Wilmington link
  6. Common Ground Alliance’s Damage Prevention Institute Acquires Gold Shovel Association, Welcomes New Participants link
  7. Stretch of Danforth Avenue shut down to traffic for 3rd day due to gas leak link
  8. Digital Twins: Designing Virtual Replicas of Infrastructure Projects link
  9. Watch: Why I left Utility Locating after 20 years
  10. Sewer work brings natural gas leak link

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