Here’s our top 10 stories from the week:

  1. With all the fierce storms, should utilities be buried underground? — link
  2. National Grid investing in Exodigo -link
  3. Inflation Reduction Act: Increased Electrification and Resulting Utility Implications — link
  4. Locate Management Institute of Canada Adopts PointMan as Part of Its Training Program for Underground Facility Locators — link
  5. SAM Announces Acquisition of Echezabal & Associates, Inc., Expanding Client Solutions in Florida — link
  6. OSHA Responds to Alarming Number of Trenching Deaths — link
  7. Sewer Sonde Market — Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast 2022–2032 — link
  8. $20B Rewiring the Nation fund fast-tracks transmission projects — link
  9. Indictive clamp basics before talking about clamp uses and secret powers. — link
  10. Stump Grinding Over a Gas Utility Line Bandit SG-40 — link

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