This has been a busy week for us here at Competers, but we're glad to be back with another Utility Alert. Here's our top 10 stories from the week:

  1. The Benign Energy Dictatorship: link
  2. Prep work along the Nimitz Highway: link
  3. Using AI to optimize the value of co-located solar and energy storage: link
  4. Relocating underground infrastructure for red line construction: link
  5. The UK's NUAR is going to create an underground asset map: link
  6. Groundbreaking set for streets and utilities extension project: link
  7. Mosaic Integrates 360˚ camera with lidar: link
  8. Watch: The Roundtable with our very own Shane Hart
  9. 5 ideas for improving infrastructure protection from NoDamage: link
  10. Watch: Locator spray paints dog in the face


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