Digging, excavating, and boring into the earth means danger! You could hit a utility line and cause damage to it or yourself. That’s why the law requires you to contact your local 811 or One Call Center before the digging begins. 

Once you’ve got all your paperwork in place for a construction project and you’re ready to dig you just have that final step of notifying the One Call Center and waiting for their response… the problem is, that too many people assume the best and go ahead with digging instead of waiting. 

In some cases, there is a small window of opportunity to dig and so some weigh the risk v the reward and choose to start digging. This can lead to damaging utilities, disrupting power or heat supplies to entire neighborhoods, or more seriously, it could get someone badly injured.

That’s why we at Competers have designed a completely automated locate software ticket management system called Utilocate. It communicates with your local One Call center and has a fully integrated suggested clear and tagging system!

The Power of AI
  • To suggest clears, Utilocate uses AI to analyze the locate data and empowers the user to make an informed decision without wading through reams of paperwork and unorganized emails. The power behind this technology means that you can fast track your locate processes while being confident in the clears you’ve made. 
  • Our tagging system can be used to perform risk assessments. It also uses the power of our in built AI to analyze the locate, and assign a risk factor to it. This is incredibly useful for prioritizing safety and assigning tickets.


Knowledge is power, and Utilocate provides you with the information you need to make critical decisions quickly and accurately. We want to increase safety for all stakeholders and reduce damage to assets by empowering you with the most up to date, and precise information. 

Almost 10 percent of damages to pipelines, electric lines, and other critical assets occur because of rushed excavations! With Utilocate, we believe this number can be greatly reduced which will save lives and money. Utilocate will allow you to speed up your projects, lower repair costs, and improve site safety; which would be pretty RAD.

Get started today by getting in touch via this link, email us directly at or call us on +1-877-395-1122


The MITA Annual Conference/ MissDig 811 Annual Meeting in Michigan is this week. We’ll be there! link

  • The CGA Expo in Anaheim announced their speakers and @Shane Hart our CEO is one of them link
  • USIC acquired URG - Literally a big deal! link



Look out for more updates from the Competers LinkedIn page throughout the month. The next NoDamage Newsletter will be out in February. Stay safe and thanks for reading - Kyle

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