Who's read the new Common Ground Alliance Telecom White Paper?

Here's a quick 4 point rundown from my perspective:

1. The paper highlights a prevailing perception within the telecom sector that damages to buried infrastructure are deemed inevitable and consequently accepted as part of the business model. This acceptance seems rooted in the industry's focus on recovering repair costs rather than proactively preventing damages. While some telecom companies view damages as an inherent cost, it's refreshing to see forward-thinking organizations investing significantly in damage prevention. This proactive approach not only reduces repair costs but also enhances network reliability, setting them apart in a competitive market.

2. The paper identifies late locates as a significant challenge for the telecom industry, impacting the efficiency of installation and maintenance crews. Telecom stakeholders express concerns about locating issues, signaling the need for improvements in this area to protect assets and ensure safer infrastructure work. The high incidence of late locates underscores the urgency for telecom companies to prioritize efficient and accurate locating procedures. Improved coordination and communication among stakeholders could significantly mitigate damages and streamline operations.

3. Telecom companies prioritize business growth and customer satisfaction over damage prevention, leading to potential neglect in prioritizing safety measures compared to sectors like gas and electric utilities. It's understandable to prioritize growth, but neglecting damage prevention may compromise safety and network reliability. Telecoms must strike a safe balance between expansion and ensuring the protection of critical infrastructure.

4. The paper emphasizes the necessity for executive-level buy-in to prioritize rigorous damage prevention standards. Engaging telecom company leadership is crucial for implementing structural and cultural changes aimed at reducing damages. The involvement of executives is pivotal to drive industry-wide changes and prioritize damage prevention initiatives. Leaders must recognize that these efforts not only enhance safety but also contribute to long-term business sustainability. I have to say our Utilocate customers in the telecom sector are overwhelmingly forward looking and proactive

Overall, the Telecom White Paper highlights the importance of shifting the industry mindset from accepting damages as inevitable to treating them as unacceptable. This transformation could significantly improve safety, network reliability, and industry standards if embraced by telecom stakeholders.

Give it a read and let me know what you think?!


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